Subject: Nursing Education. 

4th year B.Sc in nursing. 

Concept of Curriculum

Curriculum is framework of teaching learning activities for students and teachers according to aim and objectives within a specified period of time.


Curriculum is a systematic arrangement of teaching learning opportunities (i.e. subject matter and learning activities) planned by faculty members of an educational institution for a particular group of students at a specific time and period to achieve the aim and objectives of an educational program.


Systematic arrangement of teaching and learning activities specially formulated to produce competent learners.

 Curriculum Development

Curriculum development encompasses all the process involved in the production and implementation of a curriculum from initial idea through to monitoring and review.


Curriculum development is the process of gathering, sorting, selecting, balancing and synthesizing relevant information from many sources in order to design those experiences that will assist learner in attaining the goals of the curriculum.

Why Curriculum for?

  • A documentary record.
  • To provide a structure or framework.
  • A tool for revision of the course.
  • To inform staff, teachers, students and others.


Syllabus is a list of subjects, topics, texts etc included in a course of study (Oxford Dictionary).

Syllabus is a written outline of the subjects prescribed by an authorized body for a particular course in a particular period of time.

Syllabus is minimum requirement of the subject to be studied by law.

Difference between Curriculum and Syllabus

                Curriculum                          Syllabus
1. Curriculum is maximum requirement of the course to raise the institutional standard and to meet their own particular objectives. (developed by curriculum committee) 1. Syllabus is minimum requirement of the subject which must be learned prescribed by an authorized body.
2. Prepared on the basis of the individual institutional requirement to maintain institutional standard. 2. Syllabus is prepared on the basis of general requirement of the country to maintain national standard.
3. In preparing curriculum maximum use of local resources and other facilities. 3. In preparing syllabus country resources must be considered.
4. Curriculum is varies from institution to another. On the basis of the philosophy, availability of resources and the aim of the institution. 4.Syllabus remain same within the Jurisdiction .e.g. council, university etc.

 Purposes of Curriculum

  1. To equip the learners through bringing the desirable behavioral changes in them.
  2. To cope with and handle life situations realistically, rationally without sacrificing the human principles.
  3. Curriculum help in-
  • Development of health personnel at all levels.
  • Preparation of health team members specifically for the tasks they will be required to perform in their respective job.
  • Student’s participation in curriculum development.
  • Planned curriculum helps to realize the educational objective.

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