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Subject: Midwifery nursing 


Currently there is growing concern in the relationship of care giver and the care receiver/ client in medical practice, in terms of mutual trust and understanding. However,  medico-legal problems in obstetric practice arising when physician or care provider fails to exercise their duty properly.

Common areas of legal threat in obstetric: There are certain areas where claims are frequent and sometimes very high. These fields are-

  1. Peri natal injury:
  2. Still birth and neonatal death
  3. Brain damage to baby following breech delivery
  4. Maternal injury:
  5. Maternal trauma
  6. Maternal death
  7. Episiotomy
  8. Forgotten packs in abdominal cavity or within the vagina
  9. Both:
  10. Instrumental delivery
  11. Operative delivery
  12. Anesthesia

Measure to minimize the Medico-legal problems

  1. Communication- must be made in a clear and understandable way to the client and the relatives about the management decision.
  2. Informed and written consent- must be taken before any agreed management decision.
  3. Proper documentation of facts in the patient’s file clearly and legibly in respect of date and time.
  4. Strict adherence to establish management protocol is essential.
  5. Adequate training and supervision of staff.
  6. Consultation with other physician in the specialty when any difficulty is faced as regard the patient care.
  7. Regular audit and meetings- should be done to update the knowledge of all the staff involved in patient care.

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