Psychiatric nursing

For 3rd year B.Sc in nursing.

Introduction of Psychiatric nursing

The word psychiatric is derived from Greek word, ‘Psyche’ that means ‘soul or mind’ and ‘iatric’ means ‘healer’.

“Psychiatric is the branch of Medicine which deals with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mental illnesses.”

Psychiatric nursing:  it is the specialize area of nursing practice, combination of science and arts by employing(ব্যবহার)theories of human behavior applied in the diagnosis and treatment of human response to actual or potential mental problems. It deal with promotion of mental health, prevention of mental illness, care of the clients with mental illness, cure of mental illness, rehabilitation of mentally ill patients in the hospital and in community. (Ref: American nurses association)


It is an interpersonal process, whereby professional nurses assist the individual, family and community to promote mental health, to prevent metal illness, or to cope up with the experience of illness and suffering to find the meaning in the experiences of illness and suffering.