Adult Learning

Subject: Nursing Education for (B.Sc in Nursing 4th year , post Basic and Diploma in Nursing)

Concept Adult Learning:

It is natural that people want to learn. We can remember how rapidly the babies and young children learn to speak their mother tongue. People go on learning through all their lives. But adults are more selective in their learning than the young children.

Adult students respond best to an atmosphere of acceptance, respect and encouragement. They will not ask question freely and will not take part in discussion if teacher humiliates them or make them foolish in front of their fellow student. Following are some important principles of adult learning.

  1. Treat the learners with respect. They will have wisdom and knowledge of their own.
  2. Adult have their own experience, so build upon it in your teaching. This means you must find out what they already know, think, believe before you begin to teach.
  3. Learning skill need practice, so provide opportunities for this. Everyone learns by hearing, seeing and doing, so use all three senses.
  4. Make the learning fun.
  5. People learn best when a subject involves them emotionally, try to find a way of making this link for learners, so that they will feel a strong desire to learn.
  6. People like to discover things for themselves rather than being told what to do. Give the learner problems to solve and help them to do so.
  7. Keep the learner active. Learning is facilitated when the student participates responsibly in the learning process.
  8. Use the learning as an opportunity to encourage people to work together to achieve their goal.


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