LESSON PLAN : Definition, important, component and Format

Subject: Nursing Education

For 4th year B.Sc in nursing and 3rd year Diploma in Nursing.


Lesson plan is a detailed plan or description of teaching learning activities for each specific session or segment of learning. It is a guideline for the teacher to cover the topic comprehensively and systematically.


Lesson plan is a plan which guides the teacher to carry out the teaching activities systematically and sequential order.


Purposes of lesson plan

  1. Lesson plan helps the teacher to prepare and collect resources beforehand.
  2. It ensures wise utilization of class time.
  3. It guides the teacher to remain in right tract.
  4. It makes the clear understanding of teacher and students what to be achieved from the session.
  5. It guides the teacher to teach the topic logically, comprehensively and systematically.
  6. It helps the teacher to complete the lesson in time.
  7. It provides continuity in teaching.
  8. It helps the teacher to review the previous class.
  9. It provides time for revision, summarization and evaluation of the class.

Characteristics of lesson plan

  1. It should be written.
  2. It should have clear aims.
  3. It should be linked with the previous knowledge.
  4. It should show technique of teaching.
  5. It should contain suitable organized subject matter.
  6. It should be flexible.
  7. It should include the summary.
  8. It should provide for self-evaluation.

Component of lesson plan

  1. Name of subject
  2. Name of topic
  3. Level of students
  4. Number of students
  5. Duration of class
  6. Place of class
  7. Methods of teaching
  8. Resources used
  9. Time and date
  10. Name of the teacher
  11. Room layout
  12. General objectives
  13. Specific objectives

Principles of selection of methods of teaching

  1. Methods are to be selected according to topic.
  2. It depends on contents to be taught.
  3. Feasibility to use the method is to be considered.
  4. Availability of time is to be ensured.
  5. Level and number of students are to be remembered.
  6. Competence of teacher.
  7. Active and passive learning is to be balanced.
  8. It should be cost effective.
  9. Social and ethical aspect of use of the method.

Principles of selection of the content of a topic to prepare lesson plan

  1. Content is to be selected according to the learning objectives.
  2. Students should provide opportunity to translate the learning into practice.
  3. Availability of time is to be considered.
  4. Facilities and resources are to be considered.

Format of lesson plan

Title of the course     : Fundamentals of Nursing-I

Topic                               : Mouth Care

Place                                : Class room no.2 (TMMC, NU)

Duration                         : 30 minutes/ 2 hours

Level of students        : First year students B.Sc in Nursing

Number of students  : 50

Name of student teacher: A

Method of instruction: Lecture cum Discussion, Demonstration Method

Media to be used      : Chalk board, handout so on.

Objective                      :

General Objective– The students will be acquiring knowledge develops skill and attitude     on mouth care to perform/ give mouth care properly according to the need of the individual patient.

Specific objectives- at the end of the session the students will be able to-

  • Define the mouth care.
  • List the purposes of mouth care.
  • Explain the condition of patients who need mouth care.
  • Describe the condition due to lack of mouth care.
  • Arrange the equipment for giving mouth care.
  • Demonstrate the procedure for giving mouth care.


Specific Objectives Content Resources used Time Teaching learning activities Assessment method
        Teacher’s activities Learner’s activities  






·         Self, students & topic

·         Presentation of learning objectives

·         Sharing existing knowledge of the students for assessing background knowledge