Evidence Based Nursing Examination- Question Solution 2016(January)

Group-A (SAQ)


a. What is Evidence based nursing?


  1. Evidence based nursing is the process founded on the collection, interpretation and integration of valid important and applicable research.
  2. Evidence based nursing is a continuous interactive process involving the explicitly, conscientious and judicious consideration to the best evidence to provide patient care.

b. Write down the important of evidence based nursing?

Evidence based nursing is most important in nursing or health care professionals to provide best patients care. The importance of evidence based nursing are given in the below-

  • Evidence based nursing help the nurses to provide high quality patients care based on research and knowledge.
  • Evidence based nursing provide critical strategies that ensure care up to date.
  • It reduces the variation in clinical practice.
  • It assist health care professional to make evidence based decision on patients care.
  • It involves ability to access, summarize and apply information from update literature.
  • It allows nurses to enrich their clinical practice, knowledge and experience from update research.


a. What is journal club?

 Journal club: Journal club can be define as an Educational meeting in which a group of individuals discuss about recent article, providing an opportunity for a cooperative effort to keep up with the literature.

b. Write down the important of journal club?

Journal club provide an opportunities to learn about paper which is very important for nurses to improve practice and utilization of nursing research knowledge in clinical practice. It is good way to obtain new knowledge and information. It helps the nurses-

  • To promote better understanding about knowledge.
  • To become well known about current research.
  • To obtain update knowledge.
  • To promote awareness about current nursing research finding.
  • To evaluate of research for use in clinical practice.
  • To develop presentation skill.
  • It teaches nurses how to appraise research article.


 a. What is the level of evidence?

Levels of evidence are assigned to studies based on the methodological quality of their design, validity and applicability to patients care.

b. Write down the sources of evidence?

The sources of evidence are-

  • Research. 
  • Professional knowledge and clinical experience.
  • Local data and information.
  • Patients experience and preference.

Q.No-4 – How will you formulates the questions in term of a relationship between PICO?

PICO process is a technique, used in evidence based practice to frame and answer a clinical and health related questions.Question formulates and relationship between PICO method.

P= Population or A patient: The first part of formulating question is about the population. What is individuals and group are you interested in studying?Example: you may be interested in studying newly graduated registered nurses.So the question will be formulated about newly graduated nurses.

I= Intervention: An Intervention can be an action you are taking to change a situation or a medical event. The second part of PICO process is formulating question about the intervention that you are considering.Example: intervention might be bachelor ship preparation for those nurses.

C=Comparison: The third step of formulating question is comparison between different studies. Example: The diploma preparation nurse is being compared to graduate preparation nurses.

O= Outcome: The four part of the PICO method of question formulation addresses out come. What do you anticipate as an outcome?

Group-B( SAQ )

Q.No-1       what are difference between EBP & RU?


Points EBP RU
1.     Definition EBP is the conscientious use of current best evidence / research in making clinical decision about patients care. Research utilization is the process of synthesizing, Disseminating and using research generated knowledge to change existing nursing practice.  
2.     Characteristics At first identifying the problems then search evidence for solving those related problems. Applying for new research.
3.     Start With Nursing problem New research.
4.     Concept Newer Older.
5.     Applying  to clinical decision making Yes No
6.     Clinical problem solving Approach Yes No
7.     Find out new knowledge.   No Yes
8.     Compare EBP is broader than RU RU is narrower than EBP
9. EBP compare research finding with other sectors Utilizing a new research.


a. What are the models of research utilization?

The models of research Utilization are-

  • The CRUN Model.
  • The Stetler Model.
  • John Hopkins Model.
  • The Lowa Model.
  • ACE star Model.

b. Write down about the Stetler Model of research Utilization.

The stetler model of research utilization is practitioner oriented model, expected to be used by individual practitioner as a procedural and conceptual guide for the application of research in practice.

  1. Preparation: Study selected for individuals problems.
  2. Validation: Research critique, except or reject.
  3. Comparative Evaluation: Comparative evaluation consider –
  • Fit of the setting feasibility.
  • Substantiating evidence.
  •  Current practice.
  1. Decision Making: In this phase the researcher has four choices to make. There is a decision to use finding, to consider use, to delay use of findings or reject the findings altogether.
  2. Translation / Application: Concept organization and implementation of finding in practice.
  3. Evaluation: Outcome clarification focused by type/methods/ level of utilization.


a. What is ethics?

  1. Ethics is defined as a moral philosophy or code of moral practice by a person or group of people.
  2. Ethics is the brunch of philosophy that involves synthesizing, defending and recommending concept of right or wrong.

b. Identify ethical issues related to EBN.  

The ethical issues related to EBN are –

  • Patient’s preference and value.
  • Unbiased finding and potential risk.
  • Cost effective.

Patient’s preference and value: In evidence based practice sometimes the principle of autonomy may be violate by care provider ignoring receivers or receiver ignoring.

Unbiased finding and potential risk:In applying evidence based nursing selecting finding may be biased and may causes potential risk for patients harm that violet principle of beneficent and non maleficent.

Cost effectiveness:  Cost effectiveness is the most importance objectives of EBP. Before practicing and establishing evidence based nursing. So    nurses should follow this matter during EBP.


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