Breast Feeding and its important

For B.Sc in nursing 2nd year and Diploma in Nursing student’s.


At the end of this lecture, learner able to learn About

  • Definition of  breast feeding.
  • The meaning of exclusive breast feeding.
  • Advantages of breast feeding.
  • Importance of breast feeding.
  • Composition of breast feeding.
  • Mechanism of breast feeding.


What is / Define Breast feeding:

Breast feeding is the best natural feeding and breast milk is best milk. The basic food of infant is mother’s milk. Breast feeding is the most effective way to provide a baby with a caring environment and complete food.

Exclusive Breast feeding:

It implies feeding of breast milk is enough for the baby up to 6 months of life and no other food is necessary during this time.

Advantages of breast feeding:

The Advantages of breast feeding are given in the below- they are,

  • Nutritive value.
  • Digestibility.
  • Protective Value.
  • Psychological benefits.
  • Maternal benefits.
  • Family and community benefits. 

Importance of Breast feeding:

  • Breast milk contains colostrum’s, which protect infants from various diseases. 
  • Breast milk is cheap.
  • Breast milk is freely available.
  • Breast milk can be given at any time.
  • Breast milk increases the mother and child bond.
  • Breast milk is free from pathogenic organism.
  • Breast milk helps in involution of uterus.
  • Infants who cannot take breast milk are put on cows milk, Soya milk or thin.

Composition of breast feeding:

  • Colostrum: It is secreted during first three days after delivery.
  • Transitional Milk: It follows the colostrum’s and secretes during first two weeks of postnatal period.
  • Mature: It is secreted usually from 10 to 12 days after delivery and its watery but contains all nutrients for optimal growth of the baby.
  • Preterm Milk: The breast milk secreted by a mother who has delivery a preterm baby is different from milk of a mother who has delivered a full term baby.
  • Fore Milk.
  • Hind Milk.

Anatomy of the breast :

Attachment’s  of Breast feeding: