Anatomy Board Question Solution-2016 (January)

For B.Sc in nursing 1st year and Diploma in Nursing. 

Group-A   (SAQ)

(a). Define cell. Write down the function of mitochondria?


  • Cell: Cell is the Structural and functional unit of living organism.

Figure: Cell

Function of Mitochondria:

  • Production of ATP.
  • Helps in oxidative phosphorilation.
  • Oxidation of nutrients.
  • Mitochondria DNA can synthesis protein.


(b). Enumerate the Conductive system of the heart.

The conductive system of the heart is given in the below they are –

  • Sino- Atrial Node. (SA node).
  • Atrio- Ventricular node (AV node).
  • Inter- nodal pathway.
  • Bundle of His.
  • Purkinjee fibers.

(c)  Draw and level of a tropical neuron. Write down the function of hypothalamus.

Function of Hypothalamus:

  • Release inhibiting hormone.
  • Secretion of oxytocin and ADH.
  • It helps to balance thirst and water.
  • It helps to maintain body temperature.
  • Emotional reaction.

(d). write down the short note on-

  1. Inguinal Hernia.
  2. Pericardium.

Inguinal Hernia: When hernia occurs in the inguinal region then it is called inguinal hernia.


  • Direct inguinal hernia.
  • Indirect inguinal hernia.

Direct inguinal hernia:  when the contents of hernia enter the inguinal cannel thought its posterior wall then it is called direct inguinal hernia.

Indirect inguinal hernia:  When the contents of hernia enter the inguinal cannel by passing though deep inguinal ring, then it is called indirect inguinal hernia. It may be two types-

  • Complete inguinal hernia.
  • In complete inguinal hernia.

Incomplete inguinal hernia: when the hernia occurs though the deep inguinal ring it is known as incomplete inguinal hernia.

Complete inguinal hernia: when the viscous enters the scrotum or labia majora after transverse the inguinal cannel it is called complete inguinal hernia.


The covering of Heart is called pericardium. Pericardium is a fibro serous sac which encloses the heart and the roots of great vessels.

Layer:  Pericardium has two layers- they are – () fibrous pericardium, () Serous pericardium.

Content of Pericardium: the contents of pericardium are –

  • Heart with Cardiac vessels and nerves.
  • Ascending Aorta.
  • Lower half of the superior venacava.
  • Terminal part of inferior venacava.
  • Terminal part of the pulmonary veins.

Functions of Pericardium:

  • Safe the heart.
  • Restricts excessive movements of the heart.
  • Limits the cardiac distension.
  • Serves as lubricated container in which the heart can contract and relax smoothly.

Solved by,

Tahmina Akter

B.Sc in Nursing.